Using A Mitutoyo Dial Caliper

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A caliper is simply a device used to measure the distance between two opposing sides of an object.  The device consists of tips that are placed across the two points to measure and a scale that measure the distance between the two points.

Calipers are essential tools in such fields as mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and metal working. They are also critical in some medical applications. These devices are highly accurate when measuring distances to hundredths or thousandths of an inch. 

Two of the most commonly used devices are the starrett digital calipers and the mitutoyo vernier caliper. The reason they are very popular is because they are made for obatining the right precision measuring and they are used in steel construction.

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The instrument must be used properly in order to achieve an accurate measurement.  Because the probes or tips of the instrument come into contact with the object to be measured, and some force must be applied to achieve proper contact, excessive force will yield an inaccurate measurement.  The instrument must also be properly calibrated to 0 when closed. 

There are different types of devices designed specifically for different measurement applications and needs.  Inside calipers measure exactly what the name implies. They are used to measure the inside size of an object.  Outside devices measure the distance between two points on the outside of an object. 

Divider devices are used to mark an object with a point and a circle or an arc.  Most people will be familiar with this device’s use to measure the distance between two places on a map. The divider is also used in medical applications to measure electrocardiograms. 

More accurate measuring instruments include a Vernier scale which results in more accurate reading.  The Vernier scale consists of a sliding scale in conjunction with a primary scale. The measurement is taken by the distance between the two marks on the primary scale. The scale usually includes both standard and metric measurements. 

The Vernier scale was invented in the 17th Century by a French mathematician and has remained essentially the same since. The Vernier instrument can be used to measure internal and external dimensions as well as depth of deep holes, slots and grooves when a probe is attached. 

The Vernier instrument is accurate to within one thousandth of an inch or one hundredth of a millimeter. This is adequate for most measurement requirements. 

The vernier instrument was refined with the development of the dial caliper, like the Mitutoyo Dial Caliper.  This device makes use of a gear track that drives the indicator on a dial. 

The indicator measures by rotating every inch, tenth of an inch, or every millimeter. The reading can be taken by direct observation. The dial can also be adjusted to measure the difference in size between two objects. 

The first object is measured then the dial rotated beneath the pointer and the second object is measured.  The sliding portion of the scale can be locked for fast measurement of parts. 

This is highly useful and efficient for go/no go measurements for quality assurance in manufacturing where a large number of parts need to be measured accurately. One part that must always be cleaned is the mitutoyo digital vernier thumb. This is the tip on the handle that provides a comfortable grip. 

The tool must be cleaned and calibrated before use to ensure an accurate measurement.  The object to be measured must also be free of debris or other contaminants. Another great tool that will be useful is a mitutoyo digital micrometer.

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